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Wooden Dog Food Dispenser

Our Wooden dog food Dispenser is splendid for folks who admire their pets! With this dispenser, you and your pet will be able to have fun while getting your food and toy split gist of training and fun, the durable and colorful design is sure to please any pet lover.

Wooden Dog Food Dispenser Walmart

Wooden dog food Dispenser with an interactive food background and puzzle plate, this is an unrivaled piece of furniture for your pet dog. This Wooden dog food Dispenser is excellent for training your pet to eat food correctly, the Dispenser is simple to set up and is fantastic for dogs or puppies. The Dispenser provides two dispensers and can hold up to 20 ounces of food, the Dispenser renders a push button to control how much food is dispensed. The Dispenser also renders a built in screen that shows the food being dispensed, the dishwasher safe is another bonus of this dispenser. This Wooden feeder is an enticing substitute to add a touch of elegance to your dog or cat room without including a whole bunch of hardware, you can simply connect this feeder to the lightbulb light or power strip and you're good to go. Our feeder grants a deer ford process of all-naturalfeeding and is to environmental consciousness, the feeder grants two legs that you can adjust to tailor your feeder's style. The base is fabricated of heavy-duty metal and the top is produced of Wooden clapboard, it effortless to set up and you can use it with or without the food, depending on what you choose to add.