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Wolf Tooth Dog Food

Introducing wolfs Tooth dog food - ss t-shirt - once upon a time in hollywood! We desire this t-shirt so much that we've debuted it as a limited run! Get your set today at our store.

Wolf's Tooth Dog Food

This t-shirt is manufactured with wolf's Tooth dog food distressed, the shirt is in 5 xl and is produced to tailor this t-shirt is manufactured of 100% cotton and is fabricated to tailor a sizing. It provides a cool Wolf Tooth design on the chest with a print, the t-shirt offers a first-rate fit and is produced to last. The wolfs Tooth dog food is a high quality and healthy dog food that provides sustenance for your canine partner for years to come, made 1 this t-shirtresents a new wolfs Tooth dog food v2 mens t-shirt clothing s-5 xl. The shirt is produced of 100% wool and is manufactured to support the dog's diet, the shirt is manufactured to suit an 5 xl.